eJournal of Buddhist Research Studies, Vol.2, 2016

Ben Goldstein - Spiritual Sustainability and Sacrifice
Chhen Sela - A Critical Analysis of Leadership Qualities in Early Buddhism
Kazal Barua - The Process of Evolution of Society in Buddhism and Marxism
Khantisara - Tolerance: A Theravada Buddhist Perspective
Kwan-Hang Sin - Death Anxiety and Buddhist Schools
LC Wong - Apocryphal Buddhist Sutra in Chinese Buddhism
Phonthavy - Buddhist Way of Subduing Anger
Quah Chi Boon - Buddha's Compassionate Use of Skillful Means
Soo Fong Seong - Application of Metta (Loving-Kindness) in Stress Management within the Buddhist Tradition
Sow Gaik Yen - Charity Work and Buddhist Practice
Swe Swe Mon - Conflict Management in Buddhism
Sylvia Krepska - The Buddhist Homo Oeconomicus
Ven Adesh - Early Buddhism and Theravada Buddhism
Ven Aggadhamma - The Significance of Reflection for Spiritual Development
Ven Choten Dorji - A Study on Oral Transmission from Early Buddhism to Vajrayana
Ven Karma Choedron - Liberation from Samsara: Soteriological Parallels between Buddhism and Sikhism
Ven Ry Phum - Happiness of Household Life in Buddhism
Ven Sonam Wangmo - Yeshe Tsogyal: Symbol of Female Enlightenment, Empowerment and Soteriological Androgyny