eJournal of Buddhist Research Studies, Vol.6, 2019

Table of Contents
1) Page 1 : Chaperon Your Wandering Mind by Chimi Wangmo
2) Page 18 : Early Traces of Thilashin Era in Myanmar By Tikkhanani
3) Page 25 : Critical Survey of the Buddhist Teachings for Healthy Livings By Thinzar Kyaw
4) Page 36 : Ajahn Mun-in the Eyes of Disciples By Chan Sivilay
5) Page 45 : Human Problems: Lokadhamma By Regina Chakma
6) Page 53 : A View of Buddhist Culture within Chakma Society By Asha Chakma
7) Page 65 : Homeless Practice in the 6th Century B.C. with Particular Reference to Non-Buddhist Śramaṇa Movement By Venerable Bodhimalkada Sumanarathana
8) Page 75 : The Significances of Six Perfections in Mahāyāna Buddhism: An Analytical study By James Liew Tze Vun
9) Page 84 : An Examination on the Social Impact of Human Activities Rooted in Hatred By Venerable Vimala
10) Page 93 : The Basic Buddhist Principle for Happy Life By: Khamlee Phanthavong
11) Page 103 : Brahmavihāra as the Objects of Meditation By Usha Chakma
12) Page 112 : Buddhist Tradition in Myanmar By Venerable Ñāṇissarālankāra
13) Page 124 : The Development of Theravada Pali literature By Venerable Singkham
14) Page 135 : The Way of Becoming Successful Person According to the Buddhist Perspective By Venerable Pannyadhaja